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Ching-Ling (Lingky) Tan-Bleinroth, MD, Diploma in Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture




Lingky Tan-Bleinroth, MD, is a general practitioner and integrates general medicine and Chinese Medicine in her clinic in Vienna with a focus on gynaecology, esp. infertility and western medical herbs according to Jeremy Ross.
She studied medicine at Witten/Herdecke University in Germany and at Case Western Reserve University/Medical School in Cleveland/US and graduated in 1995 and completed her medical residency at the University hospital Bonn/Germany (Internal Medicine), University hospital Ottignies/Brussels in Belgium (general surgery) and Berlin (general medicine).
Lingky Tan-Bleinroth, MD, carries a diploma in TCM, Chinese medical herbs and acupuncture (Austrian and German Chamber of Medical Doctors, Academy of Chinese Acupuncture Birmingham/UK) and naturopathy (German Chamber of Medical Doctors) and has specialized in Western herbs and Chinese Medicine. She is an international teacher of Western Herbs in Chinese medicine and since 2010 in Austria (WSTCM and OGKA), Germany (Witten/Herdecke University, VSM) Poland (TOMO), Portugal (Instituto VanNghi) and Switzerland (ChiWay).

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