IFS2021 Cancellation Policies – All cancellation requests must be made in writing through our webform

  • Fees are in US dollars (USD).  GST of 5% charged only to Canadians.
  • No refunds
  • Registration is non-transferable and cannot be sold.

If you have a question or comment or need support please fill out this form. A quicker response time and a priority is given to those who fill out this form compared to those leaving a voicemail so please use this form if you want a quick response.

You have access to the IFSymposium until Aug 31st, 2021

Then you will lose access to course videos and handouts.

Remember to download your handouts and certificates of completion by Aug 31st, 2021.

We have approval for on-demand (recorded) CEUs only. There are no Live CEU/PDA/CPDs.

These lectures are for the love of learning and the opportunity to connect with your peers. No CEU/PDA/CPDs awarded for panels or sponsor lectures (live or distance)

No.  These are for the love of learning only. 

Rather than limit our content based on just the lectures we applied for CEU/PDAs in the 60 days required in advance of the launch date, we chose to have the freedom and flexibility of adding valuable content without the restrictions imposed for CEU approval.  

Many do not need any more CEUs/PDAs so they have the opportunity to watch lectures based on interest alone and not because they need CEUs/PDAs.

There are no live CEUS, just recorded on demand CEUs, even if you attend a live replay on IFS.

We wanted to provide live CEUs but we know we could not do everything we wanted to do for this first conference well enough, so we chose to not offer live CEUs for this first online conference.

This is the first time offering a two-month conference and we are beta testing many things.  We just did not have the bandwidth to manage monitoring live CEUs for our inaugural online conference.    

Plus, California made it not feasible to offer both live and distant CEU so feel free to provide them with your feedback about the new provider fee schedule.

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No refunds

We do at Healthy Seminars.

There are 16 lectures approved for CEU/PDA for IFS 2021 ranging from 1.5 hours to 4.0 hours of CEU/PDA per lecture to total a maximum of 36 hours.


The certificate date is the date you pass the quiz (10 multiple choice question)

You only have access until Aug 31st, 2021 regardless of how many lectures you have watched.

Please make the IFS 2021 a priority.

Think of it as an all you can eat educational buffet.  You can earn all the hours CEUs/PDAs (max 36 available) until Aug 31st, 2021.  

Some may choose to do only 10 hours, some 20 hours and some all 36 hours by Aug 31st. We also have included additional content such as sponsored lectures, panels. And pop-up lectures that you can watch and learn from them too if they interest you.

Please check each lecture page where it lists the different bodies that have approved it and for how many and type of CEU/PDAs.

Each of the 16 lectures has its own certificates. So, the maximum number of certificates for IFS 2021 is 16 and the maximum number of CEU/PDA is 36.

The following steps must be completed to receive your certificate of completion for each of the 16 lectures.

  1. Watch the lecture
  2. Complete the assessment tools
    • Worksheet (5 short answer questions)
    • Pass Quiz (70%) made up of 10 multiple choice questions (open book)
  3. Fill out course evaluation
  4. The certificate date is the date you pass the quiz (10 multiple choice question)

Certificate is generated in your IFS account for download