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  • Dr. Fiona

    June 8, 2021 at 10:35 am

    Hello Jenny!

    I think it always depends on the sum total of your protocol as PCOS is so variable from person to person. When I write up the doses for clinicians, I often include a range since you will be adding this into a complete protocol. So, ultimately these are basic starting points that you can use.

    Antiandrogen formulas (often categorized as “prostate” formulas ) typically consist of multiple synergistic herbs, and the page on that reflects a combination that could be used. Some of the commercially available prostate formulas would need to be increased by dose for PCOS, yet some others may be quite close to the amount we are looking at. However if you were to pick out one single herb or two depending on your patient’s needs, you may need to go higher.

    So, for a combination formula that contains peony, saw palmetto, pygeum, EGCG etc then you could use a lower dose of each product. However, Peony and Licorice when given as the only hormonal treatment, I would generally use a higher dose, 500mg of each twice per day.is generally what I prescribe in a tincture form 1:5 liquid extract.

    Hope that this helps! Herbal medicine is truly an art.

    So thankful to be part of IFS again this year!