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  • Amanda

    June 3, 2021 at 8:42 pm


    I am curious about the frequency of treatments needed to use these points. I may have missed some information, so I apologize if I have. I remember Susan saying she uses these points for 45-60 minutes during a treatment. That’s fairly easy to accomplish for me. She then mentions it being great if patients can come in three times a week. I’m wondering if they will still be effective if used once a week. I have a few patients willing to come on once a week for a few months of treatments, however I have yet to meet a patient willing to come in multiple times a week, unless there’s a special, temporary circumstance (fear of recurring MC). I have a hard time believing it’s a realistic expectation.

    So, I’m looking for reassurance here. Are the points mentioned in this course ‘worth it’ if I’m only seeing patients once a week, or even twice a month?

    Thank you,