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  • Sandro Graca

    June 3, 2021 at 6:36 am

    “These findings support that prenatal PCOS/anovulatory infertility exposure influences metabolic health in the offspring from early age.”

    Association of maternal polycystic ovary syndrome or anovulatory infertility with obesity and diabetes in offspring: a population-based cohort study

    This was a nationwide cohort study of all live births (n = 1 105 997) during 1996–2014 in Finland, excluding those with maternal diagnoses sharing signs and symptoms with PCOS (n = 8244). A total of 1 097 753 births were included and followed up until 31 December 2018.


    Are children of mothers with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or anovulatory infertility at increased risks of obesity or diabetes?


    Maternal PCOS/anovulatory infertility is associated with an increased risk of offspring obesity from early age and diabetes in female offspring from late adolescence.