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  • Lorne Brown

    May 10, 2021 at 9:40 am


    Thanks for sharing following.

    Shen Tong San Zhen is the three needle combo name (Dao Ma) made up of three distinct points. The distal of the three points roughly medial to the upper medial aspect of the knee cap.and then as I recall two cun above and 2 cun above that. Corresponds to kidney issues I have seen it referred to be used for preventing miscarriage or to keep things from leaking out that aren’t supposed to. If I had my reference text I would give you the point names or numbers, but not handy at home. The line runs lateral to where you would needle sp10 more along the medial edge of the rectus femoris. I might consider it more if I was seeing more kidney xu or possibly prolapse phenomenon. Also claimed to be helpful for back pain.

    I looked them up and they are the Kidney passing Points as described in @Susan-Johnson Master Tung text book

    88.09 Tong Shen. (PassingKidney)

    88.10. Tong Wei. (Passing Stomach)

    88.11 Tong Bei. (Passing Back)

    In Susan Johnson’s Master Tung text book she shares one needle on each leg can be sufficient to prevent habitual miscarriage and if the patent is of strong constitution then needle all 3 bilaterally as Dao Ma combination as you shared in your post. Susan shared in the treatment of habitual miscarriage, less is more, and she may only treat only one point on each leg, alternating 88.10 and 88.11, along with return nest 11.06 and Fu Ke 11.24