Acubalance Wellness Centre

Acubalance has been a proud sponsor of the Integrative Fertility Symposium annually since 2015 Acubalance Wellness Centre is located in Vancouver British Columbia. We are…

Fairhaven Health

Fairhaven Health is a specialty supplier of natural, doctor-designed products to support fertility enhancement, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Microbiome Labs

Microbiome Labs was originally established as Physicians Exclusive in 2013 as an organization focused on providing probiotic bacteriotherapy.

Bioclinic Naturals

Our goal is to provide the best quality, tested, raw materials. We have over 600 acres of certified organic farmland in Canada’s Okanagan Valley, an…

PowerMedic Lasers, Inc.

We develop and produce powerful and effective therapeutic lasers – that accelerate the natural healing process.


In a world of endless choices, high-quality, research-based nutritional supplements must stand out and provide the confidence that healthcare provider…

Institute for Natural Medicine

Our mission is to transform healthcare in America by increasing both public awareness of naturopathic medicine and access to naturopathic doctors for …