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  • Lorne Brown

    July 24, 2021 at 6:47 pm

    I was asked privately in response to this post if there is any chance of another extension.

    Unfortunately not.

    There will be no extensions beyond Aug 31st.

    If I do it again I will do it differently.

    Many think they need to do it all. My intention was for it to be like a menu where you choose what you like from the menu but do not expect to try everything on it. So I believe there is lots of FOMO for some if they do not watch everything.

    Personally, I figured most would complete 14-21 hours of CEUS out of the 36 available plus catch a few pop up lectures and sponsored talks with the average being 17 CEU.

    Treat it like a menu. Take the ones that look appealing to you and don’t feel like you need to gorge yourself on the full menu.

    Please find time to watch what you can until Aug 31st when access ends then.